[Welcome] New Members for February 21, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Roxanna Marie Santoro
Abraxas Designs
Indianapolis, IN. USA


I am a jewelry designer, primarily a silversmith, but I also work in
copper, brass, gold and mixed media. The style of my work is
diverse- from classical and traditional to industrial and eclectic.
For the last 3 years I have studied various aspects of metalsmithing
at the Indianapolis Art Center, where I also monitor and recently
taught some classes in beginning metalsmithing. In May of 2008 I
launched my business (Abraxas Designs) at the Broad Ripple Art Fair.

My jewelry collection includes pendants, chains, earrings, pins and
bracelets. I love jewelry with texture and dimension, so I have
specialized in etching silver and copper and roller-printing silver
from handmade custom etch plates. Many of the pieces are bezel set
with beautiful gemstones or colored with patinas. I do a great deal
of hollow construction and fold-forming. I also do traditional and
contemporary chain maille, as well as mixed media constructions.

Gani I
Titan Inc.
Tamilnadu, India

I am Working for New Projects and Developments releated to Jewellery

Ian Zhou
Tianjin, China

i do handmade jewelry om my spare time