[Welcome] New Members for February 2, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Franz Broz
Pebble Beach, California. USA

Over 30 years at the bench.

Cathy Darlington
Devon, IL. USA

I am an artist who works primarily in metals. I strongly believe in
education and hold three degrees; a Bachelor in Arts from Loyola
University, a Bachelor in Education from Concordia University and a
Master in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College. I teach art
and education classes. I also exhibit and create custom jewelry and

Joseph L Cowlishaw
Cedar City, UT. USA

Hello, I have been making closed vessel flutes out of the clay medium
for nearly sixteen years.

In 2014 I stumbled upon precious metal clays. Now metal is all I
really enjoy to work in. I dabble in jewelry along with dual
functionality. I love small portable products and that is mainly
what I focus on.

I am LDS and live in Southern Utah USA with my wonderful wife and
four kiddos!

I look forward to learning and sharing what I know with ya’ll!

Best Regards, Joseph Cowlishaw