[Welcome] New Members for February 2, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Lisa R Brown
Kelowna, Canada

Jewellery designer and producer… just beginning to build my own

Randy Wisnia
Whimsical You
Dallas, OR. USA

My name is Rand yand I teach Lost Wax casting in Dallas, Oregon.
Memebers of my family once supplied the largest jewelery companies
in San Franciso beginning in the 1920’s.

Flash Skywalker
Ardmore, Oklahoma. USA


Hello, I am a custom jeweler that apprenticed for six years then
purchased the shop from my mentor 20 years ago. I enjoy custom and
decided to drop all the trade work and concentrate my energies in
that genre of the work. I have lurked on here long enough, what™s
joining ONE more forum going to hurt, Right? :wink:

Chloa Lisa Purkis
Hill’s Gems
Preston, Lancashire. UK


Hi all!

My name is Chloa, I’m a daughter of Helen Hill (a member here). I’m
considering a future in the jewellery business, I’ve had no
experience and I haven’t taken art at A-level yet I have ideas for
designs all the time and I have a huge passion for gems :slight_smile:

Yesterday I went to a trade show in Birmingham, NEC and I was
enthralled! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing different pieces and
critiquing them (to myself) and seeing all the gems and thinking up
designs on the spot. So perhaps I am suited to being a jeweler.

The idea of me joining the orchid forums is to learn about the
industry and to get advice on where to start etc.

So I look forward to learning from you all, Yours, Cocoa

M. Scott Bolshazy
Henderson, NV. USA

Amateur Lapidarist venturing into design with silver as main metal
of choice($). I use both cabs and faceted stones to get the reulsts
I like. I have no pieces sitting on my bench right now as I have
finished all requests and am ready to start into the nice rough I
purchased in Quartzsite, AZ. I teach High School English and an
after-school lapidary class. I teach the rock club for free and
supply all of the equipment and rough for the kids to use. They are
an impressive bunch! I have two wonderful kids and I like to spend as
much time with them as possible!

Elizabeth Guild
E. Guild Gems & Metals
Torrance, CA. USA

http://eggm enterprises.com

I’m a stone friend! I never met a stone I didn’t like. I make
ornaments from stone and metal and also engage in lapidary. And Guild
is my real name! I fell into starting a supply business after running
out of sawblades one Friday in the middle of a project. That was sure
frustrating! For the last few years I’ve brought supplies to
students in the So. Cal area. But the driving and parking got to be
too much so now I have an internet business. I’ll miss visiting the
students and instructors - it was always lots of fun. But this new
way is fun too. I’m looking forward to lots of future adventures!