[Welcome] New Members for February 19, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Alice Sauer
Prescott, AZ. USA

I am a returning member of the Orchid network. Returning after a
diversion of several long years. Hope to soon locate a studio work
space and reconnect with all my tools and skills. rusty as they may

Michelle Clancy
Athens, USA

I am a beginner, although I am 65 years old. I moved from New York
to Athens Georgia 2 years ago and found metal smithing and jewelry
making at The Lyndon House. I now have a home studio. I love
learning about everything metal.

Brian Prager
Silver Spring, MD. USA

I am just beginning with jewelry and metalwork, and have mostly
worked with woodart in the past. I am hoping to branch out and learn
some more skills as well as complete a few particular projects I
have in mind and would like to get help from people who are far more
knowledgeable than I am in the field.

Laurie Osborne
Port St Lucie, FL. USA


Sandra Anne Kerns
Surrey, UK

Hi, I have just started my small business in the UK, working from a
studio attached to my home. I make silver and semi precious stone
jewellery. I trained at the London jewellery school and spent 2.5
years in Cape Town where I trained at The Gold Of Africa museum. I
love learning new techniques and using new materials. Sandra

Mary S Miller
Poolville, Texas. USA

Some folks joke with me because of my age. I may have gotten here
late, but I made it. Self-taught, a few classes, and plenty of
mistakes (and probably a large portion of others’ mistakes as well)
have been my university experience. Did I say lots of mistakes?
Thank you for your patience ahead of time, and I promise not to ask
too many stupid questions.