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[Welcome] New Members for February 18, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Becky Thatcher
Becky Thatcher Designs
Glen Arbor, MI. USA

Designer of contempory jewelry, shops in Michigan and
Florida.Established in Michigan for over 25 years. Former SNAG board
member and treasurer.Member of American Craft Council, AGTA, JVB,
WGG, MSG, etc.

Patti Meadows
Botanical Blessings
Chattanooga, TN. USA

I am a Volunteer Coordinator for a Large Music Festival in my
hometown of Chattanooga TN (Riverbend Festival), and in my spare
time I love making jewelry that involves nature. I am especially
interested learning how to electroform or electroplate w/ leaves,
flowers, and pine cones, etc. Someone suggested I try PMC to learn
how to apply to leaves, etc I have never worked w/ clay or pmc, so I
would be VERY MUCH A BEGINNER. I hope to get some inputs on what
type of beginner’s kit to purchase. Thanks, Patti Meadows/Botanical

Wayne Sudrick
Lakemoor, Illinois. USA

Just starting in jewelry

Phillip Baldwin
Shining Wave Metals
Snohomish, WA. USA

I’ve been a metalsmith since my teens and work in iron, bronze,
silver and precious metals. I’m interested in other peoples
investigations and sometimes can help with questions. My company is
devoted to the production of mokume, alloys and other exotic metals
for use in the decorative arts.

It is a great community we have and one worth keeping alive.