[Welcome] New Members for February 17, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Rebecca M Ganoe
Norwalk, CA. USA

I have a passion for jewelry and I’m currently attending the Fashion
Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA.

Alicia Ruth Webb
Ovens, Ireland

Hi, I am an Irish goldsmith. I work with 18K gold and I often use

Richard Edwin Hillman
Highland Art
Shingletown, Ca. USA


My name is Richard Hillman and I have been creating jewelry for about
a year. I am a fourth generation rock hound. I still have rocks from
my great-grandfather that I am working with. I have always wanted to
make jewelry, so I decided to give it a try. With minimal instruction
from some of my mentors I am able to fabricate most anything in
sterling silver. My creative drive dwarfs my mechanical and technical
abilities so I am always looking for hints, tips and such. My goal
would be to have my technical ability match my creative ability.
Pointers, tips and help are always appreciated!

Thank you

Nadine Schaefer
Mainz, Germany

My name is Nadine Schaefer. Im from germany, mainz, and there I was
born 1988 in the beautiful countryside of the hunsrck, a small
landscape in the province rheinland-pfalz. There I go to school and
get the abitur certificate. In the same year I moved to mainz and
started education at one of the biggest goldsmtih schools in Germany
besides Pforzheim., the,Zeichenakademie" at Hanau.
(www.zeichenakademie.de) v At the moment I’m in the 4th of 7
semesters there.

At my freetime I really love to sketch and read. Mostly historically
and philosophically novels (Iny Lorentz, Ken Follet, Jostein Gaarder)
I’m very interested in renaissance art, especially its biggest
Genius Leonardo da Vinci. Besides I specially love the architecture
of the gothic.

Altough i just started my way i already love to design and build my
own ideas. If you like to see some of my work be free to visit my
blog : http://nadineschaefer.wordpress.com/

Filomena Amorim
Maputo, Mozambique

I have a small workshop where we mainly craft jewelry and curios
made out of local woods, horn, bone,etc.

Sheri Fisher
Dragonfly Designs & Wearable Art
Reno, Nevada. USA


Hi! I am discovering and expanding my talents for jewelry making in
a variety of media-lost wax, lampwork and glass fusing are my latest
interests! I truly enjoy learning new ideas and techniques, and am
always excited to get time at my bench.