[Welcome] New Members for February 14, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Cathy L Burnham
Chapel Hill, NC. USA

I consider myself a beginner jewelry maker. I have taken several
classes, including a week-long metalsmithing class at the Campbell
Folk School, a 2-day Anodizing Reactive Metals class at Rio Grande,
and LOTS of books, DVDs, and other videos. If things go as planned,
I will start to sell jewelry (a s opposed to giving everything away
as I do now) in the fall of 2014. In the meantime, I am working on
honing my skills.

The design phase of jewelry making is still very shaky for me.

I love working with copper and brass - hammering, torching, and heat
patina are most stimulating. Not all my work is with jewelry. I
enjoy making home and garden decor items as well.