[Welcome] New Members for February 12, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Robert J Anderson
Swartz Creek, Mi. USA

I’m 66 have been doing lamp wick off and on for 40 years looking for
other things to do as I’m retired.

Eva Marie Sherman
Grand river beads
Rocky river, Ohio. USA

I own a modest bead shop in Cleveland, OH. We have a select but
serious inventory of unique beads primarily focusing on
semi-precious and hand-made beads. We also have a gallery area
featuring the work of approx. 30 local artists. But our primary
reason for existence is the studio, I have spent the last few years
building a full service studio for students to learn metal smithing,
glass fusing, enameling, wire working and a host of other creative
pursuits designed to promote the creation of hand made jewelry. We
have a wonderfully creative team that continually provides students
with new and innovative projects to create plus we bring national
instructors in to teach when we can. Had the economy cooperated, we
would be doing that more… :slight_smile: Thanks for the opportunity to join
your group! eva sherman

Carl A Vesper
Jackson, TN. USA

Retired Forester who mannaged forestry and milling operations for Pa
Penitentiary System for 25 years now only have space for a small
number of plants in my small greenhouse. Now living in Tenn.