[Welcome] New Members for February 11, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Jo Novak
Richmond, VA. USA

Self-taught metalsmith and jewelry designer working mainly in
reticulated silver and gold.

Cheryl Morris
Menlo Park, CA. USA

I’m a very beginning jeweler. Can hold a small torch unlit without
fear; lit it is another matter.

Dennis Fisher
Bainbridge Island, WA. USA

I am an amateur metalsmith working primarily in sterling silver,
occasionally in copper and brass. Returning to the orchid forum
after suspending the email for a month’s vacation I have been a
subscriber for some years now. This site and the willingness of many
fine jewelers to share their skills and wisdom has been an invaluable
resource for me, and I am very grateful.

I made my living (now retired) as a self employed carpenter, then as
an architectural woodworker, both which gave me the joy of
making/inventing some of my own tools and jigs, skills which are
valuable in metalsmithing.

Now that there are more than 7 billion of us on this planet of
finite resources, making small things, that can last for thousands
of years, and that require substantial working time is far more
beneficial to the earth than quickly cranking out junk that will be
in a landfill in a few years, and far more satisfying to the soul.