[Welcome] New Members for February 11, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Jill Suddendorf
Plano, Texas. USA

I have been a jewelry designer for over 25 years (both drawing and
bench work). These days my daily work life consists of drawing, not
bench work. My “hobby” is being able to get back to the bench and
tinker on a more artistic (not commercially driven) basis. Best of
both worlds.

Rod John Smith
Anderson, IN. USA

Hello I am a retired autoworker and autobody tech trying tofind
arewarding hobby that might earn its own funds or to make things of

Terrie Bodine
Corpus Christi, TX. USA

I haven’t been enameling for very long and found this site. Thought
it would help me out some in my new jewelry endeavor. Thanks!!

Welcome, Terrie! You are living in my hometown! Best wishes in your

Donna Williams
Huntsville, AL