[Welcome] New Members for December 9, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Wenonah Le’ah Grupido
Ortonville, MI. USA

Hi, I am currently studying basic jewelry design & repair with a
home study course. I have been designing and creating my own peices
for several years but I used a lot of pre-fab metal findings. I want
to learn how to do it all so that my designs are no longer limited
by my skill.

Alex Kirkpatrick
Caster, UK

Hi, I’m joining to pick up a little more info for precious metal
projects. I typically work with bronze casting producing sculpture
but occasionally work on small jewellery pieces.

Gannon Garbo
Hagerstown, Maryland. USA

I am an aspiring bench-metalsmith from Atlanta, currently residing
in Maryland.

I am interested in small vessels, fabrication, and tool making.

M, 24