[Welcome] New Members for December 8, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Ron Rolfe
Sterling Heights, MI. USA

Retired for 6 years. Have performed lapidary since early 70’s. I
have been a member of the Mt. Clemens Gem & Lapidary Society since
1993. I have been the instructor for the basic lapidary class for
the last 6 years. I have enjoyed the hobby since I started and hope
that this love can continue into the future. I try to learn
something new about lapidary and geology each week and consider this
an important aspect of the hobby. You usually die when you stop
learning. Ron

Stephenie Denault
The Silver Dragon Jewellery
Verdun, Quebec. Canada

I started off wanting to be a professional artist, then realized
there was something else for me; jewellery! I got a DEP in
jewellerymaking in '98, and have worked in the field ever since! I
now work idependantly from home and create my work to sell at shows
and events, which in Montreal is the safer bet!

My style is a little everywhere, from retro 40’s and 50’s, to
fantasy, to whatever else my wacky mind comes up with!

Clare Felgate
Argentium International Limited
London, UK

My name is Clare and I work for Argentium International Limited.

From a young age I have enjoyed ‘making’. My experiences at
University led me to realise my passion for three dimensional design
where I specialised in metals as a medium. My work ranged from
jewellery scale pieces to larger sized sculptural work. Following my
education, I became involved with the Argentium research and am now
the Communications Manager for the company.

I still enjoy being creative and I am looking forward to being a
part of the Orchid community.