[Welcome] New Members for December 8, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Mark Kostal
Downers Grove, IL. USA

I am an HVAC install tech. I build/restore flint kentucky long
rifles as a hobby. As part of the restoration and also building
functioning art rifles from scratch, I employ “wire” inlays to form
borders, acanthus leaves and other complex shapes as accents inlaid
into the wood. I have always been interested in African Hunting. I
became especially interested in elephant hair bracelets after a
friend showed me his upon returning from a safari to Botswana. I
thought, how cool would it be to make wire bracelets. Additionally, I
also make early frontier knives also as a relaxing hobby, out of
damascus steel. I am going to experiment making damascus steel
Jewelry rings from old junk damascus steel shotgun barrels.

Ginette Everts
Illinois, IL. USA

I am a registered nurse who absolutley loves her job and never
imagined I would have any interest in the jewelry making arena.
However, I was so inspired by our great and almighty God above, that
my ambitions for learning as much as I can about, power tools, wax
carving, lost wax casting, finishing pieces, and everything else
that I can learn about making jewelry has overcome me. So there is
the honest to goodness truth about me… I have been reading your
articles for about two years. Love the

Arthur James Edmonds
Toowoomba, Queensland. Australia

I am a retired engineer and have an interest in faceting and
jewellery making.

Melissa Moloney
Atlanta, GA. USA

Hello! I am a budding metalsmith. Currently I’m taking classes at a
local studio and thoroughly enjoying myself. At home I’ve set up a
rudimentary studio with a short supply of silver - sterling and
fine. There are so many things I can’t wait to try but at the same
time I’d like to perfect some of the skills I’ve learned thus far. I’m
very excited to be on the forum, thought I will likely be reading
through the archives more often than posting for a while. Melissa

Rick Naujoks
Chesapeake, VA. USA

Mostly interested in cabochons and making sliver settings for them.

Peter Berntson
Diamond Hill Vineyards
Cumberland, RI. USA

I am looking to learn more about the current state of jewelry making.
I spent 16 years in the findings industry in Providence up to 1985.