[Welcome] New Members for December 6, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Mary Ann - Scherr
Mary Ann Scherr Design
Raleigh, North Carolina. USA

While primarily a Designer in Metals, I have designed anything from
automobiles (Ford Motor Co), to products(Scherr & McDermott,
International) to Toys,(Sun RUbber) Co) to Fashion (Stern manuf) to
Book Illustration (Safield Publishing CO) to a life time of Academics
as Assoc. Professot, kemtSatate University; Chair Parsons School of
Design, Product Design, New York City. Instructor metals, Duke
UNiversitty, Instructor Metals, Meredith College; Instrictor Metals
North Carolina State University. Currently, desigener/maker Full time
studio in Raleigh North Carolina. ArtWorks in PermantanenrCollection
of: Metropoliton Museum of Art. NYC; Vartican contemporary art, Rome,
Italy; Goldsmiths Hall, London: Museum of Art & Design, NYC; Yale
Museum. New haven, Conn.; Boston Museum of Fine Art. Boston.; Houston
Museum of Fine Art,Texas; Akron museum of Art, Ohio; Wm. Penn Museum
of History, Pitts. Penn.

Marlene Mattarazzo
Tucson, AZ. USA,


Michael S. Holmes
B. C. Clark
Oklahoma City, OK. USA

Hello! My name is Mike, a 2nd generation Jeweler, working for a 116
year old,4th generation, Fine Jewelry Company, located in OKC. I
enjoy my work and have lately started sharing my secrets with other
artist and jewelers, in my area. These are secrets! I have learned
most from many “Old school jewelers” who had to make custom tools,
dies & various jigs to produce, fine hand made jewelery pieces, many
tools we can purchase today from catalog & but many have never been
seen by outsiders. I am a bench jeweler by name only, I am an “Old
School” problem solver. Many of our customers are 4th generation
customers, that want to hold on to a worn out piece fine jewelery
that their Grand Parents purchased from us 60 - 90 years, or more
from us, that want to pass it down to the next generation. That is
where my secrets come in.

Debra Smith
Fernandina Beach, Florida. USA

I’ve been into jewelry making with beads and now over the last few
months have been getting into jewelry making with wire and metal and
want to learn the different ways of doing this. I love the idea of
creating something with basis wire and metal into something special
that hasn’t been created bef ore, something one of a kind.

Scott Luther
Oxford, PA. USA

I’m a student Jeweler. Just getting started in my favorite field of

Tony Loy
Images ltd
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Formerly trained European Goldsmith…experience in 18kts and
platinum on the bench…became a full time caster in Vancouver
Canada since 1996… My peers think that I am a casting guru!!! What
gives?..Anyway I am flatter…no I do know
1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…ect…ect…about casting…but SHHHHH!!
Don’t let my competition know!!! I hope…that sometime I could help
and get help on Ganoksin… That’s all Folks!!

Shivam Agrawal
Uttar pradesh. India

I am in jewelly field. we have a strong family background as our
family business is of jewellery. I am a gemologist too!