[Welcome] New Members for December 4, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Margriet Moerenhout
Makkinga, Friesland. Netherlands

My jewelry (silver & gold) is inspired by a wide range of things I
see around me: nature, architecture, art, people… I often use
semi-percious hand shaped by my husband. In my jewelry
workshop I provide classes for amateur jewelers and short ‘fun
lessons’ for anyone looking for a ‘different day out with friends’.

Amy Gillis
Hulls Cove, Maine. USA

Hi all! I am new to metalsmithing and am hoping to get some much
needed help and Thanks

Brenna Kohlhase
Virginia, Minnesota. USA

Hi- I am a jewelry artist who enjoys cutting cabs, copper forming,
precious metal clay, leatherworking and enameling. Married for 21
years and mom of 2 boys. Been blessed to stay at home with them and
pursue my passion of art for the past 15 years.

Janet Murray
Tucson, Arizona. USA

I am a retired person in need of right brain work! Started jewelry
nine years ago and enjoy all aspects of making and learning,
including the snafu’s, wonderful classes and outstanding workshops.
I absolutely love working with silver, copper and brass with one or
two forays into gold. There is not hing like fire and a hammer!