[Welcome] New Members for December 30, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Donald Steele
Kansas City, MO. USA

Looking to learn about jewelry making. Have taken a couple of one
day sessions on metal clay.

Maude M Hutchinson
Dallas, Texas. USA,


I was introduced to small metal arts when I could no longer stand up
to weld steel. Fabricating sculptural jewelry has become a passion.

After 12 years of being a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I
decided that since I really did not want a practice, I should start
doing what I enjoy… bending metals and clay. I take classes in
small metal arts at a community college; and am studying to become a
gem dealer.

Wendy A Poole
Made by Woo
Harlow, Essex. UK

I’ve loved Jewellery for as long as I can remember. I have been
dabbling in metalwork for a couple of years but have not had as much
time as I would like to develop my skills. Life circumstances have
now changed giving me a lot more time to devote to my studio.

Patty Viadero
Macomb, IL. USA

I am a newcomer to jewelry making. There is so much that I would
like to learn and at this point, it is a hobby for me. I am
particularly interested in making rings and bracelets.

Laurie Hester
Two Cats On Train Designs
Portland, USA


After getting laid off in June, and at the age of 59, I decided I did
not want to look for work in what I was previously doing. (Mapping
for an electric company.) I decided to start making jewelry and with
the help of the Self Employment Assistance Program was able to start
my business. I love making jewelry with reclaimed parts and new
findings. I make Victorian style jewelry with a steampunk edge, train
jewelry, and cat jewelry. My husband and I love cats and are rail
fans involved in the steampunk genre/recreation. I am currently
taking classes through PennFoster for a certificate in Jewelry Design
and Repair while I continue making my one of designs. I love being
creative in my work and making jewelry,(or anything with my hands),
is the best!

I started out many years ago with out any knowledge of the craft. I
read books and taught myself how to make jewelry… Many years before
computers and the Internet. I keep wondering now where I might be now
in this forum was around when I started. These people are great.
Learn as much from themand some day you woll be where we old folks
are at in half the time it tookus all to get here.

Life is toooooo short to not enjoy your work. That said making
jewelry is not work it is fun. After more then 40 years of making my
living at it I can not remember a day I was not happy to step into my
studio and sit down ot make a piece of jewelry or sculpture which
would in the end make my client happy. it is kinda like playing Santa
Clause every day. Your only job is to make people happy! Enjoy
learning how to do it.