[Welcome] New Members for December 29, 2013

Please welcome our newest members…

Gene Stirm
Tehachapi, CA. USA

I am a jewelry artist, metalsmith and lapidary, collect and cut most
of my own stones.

Bob G Hodgin
Banner Elk, NC. USA

I am a serious hobby jeweler. I love fabrication and making
cabochons. I am also a woodworker and enjoy coming up with tools
that can be helpful in making jewelry.

Peggy L Kinnetz
Louisville, Kentucky. USA

I’m fairly new to jewelry making, having started in earnest only a
few years ago in an adult education class. I took an intro class
while in art school too many years ago to have it do me much good
now. I’ve been a (mostly) lurking member of Orchid, and have learned
so much and have found this group very helpful whenever I have a
question. I’m trying to rejoin, since I think I have accidently
unsubscribed myself.

Rosalie McMillan
London, UK

Hi there, I’m setting up a jewellery business at the moment which
will be launching next year. Looking forward to being part of the

Diana Bostany
Hudson, WI. USA

After studying fine art at the University of MN for 2 years, I
suddenly became aware of the need to apply my artistic side in a way
that could provide a living. A study abroad trip to Mexico forced me
to take stock. I came home from the trip and applied to FIT where I
received my degree in fashion design and began working in the
industry. Fast forward to my most important job as SAHM, I’ve now
been making and selling jewelry online for over 10 years. What
started out as a hobby has evolved into a passion for gemstone
collecting, wire wrapping and cold forging. More recently I’ve been
experimenting with PMC and metal stamping to create personalized
jewelry. I look forward to being a part of a community with other
artists - something I feel has been missing for many years.

Bob Goldman
Evansville, IN. USA

Fourth generation pawnbroker, estate & new jewelry retailer with one
man repair shop using old world techniques and service.

Denise C Regan
Nashville, Tennessee. USA

Hello! I have been a jewelry enthusiast all my life. I spent all my
extra money on silver jewelry until one day in the mid 1990’s when I
discovered the bead aisle in an art store and realized, with a
shock, that jewelry didn’t simply materialize out of thin air. I
began with beads and quickly learn ed how to work with wire. Around
2007, I began making my own beads out of polymer clay. This year
(2013), I became a bench jeweler apprentice. I feel that jewelry is
my destiny. though I still love to buy other people’s work.

I am also a photography nerd and own eight film cameras in various
formats. I really love to write as well, and I can sing a little,

Shannon Dalton
Schofield, WI. USA

I am the lead goldsmith at a family owned jewelry store with 3
locations. We do a lot of custom, mostly customer requests but we
get to play sometimes as well. We have cad and a mill, small grower,
and casting equipment. We can do most anything, and we do.