[Welcome] New Members for December 28, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Maria Bowie
Marietta, GA. USA

I am relatively new to jewelry making. I took a basic class about
four years ago and have taken two metalsmithing classes. My studio is
in my basement. As many artists can relate, the inspiration and
desire to create a piece of jewelry can happen at any time and
anywheRe: while sleeping, driving, reading a magazine, etc. And that
question–"I wonder what would happen if I… can begin the start of
some crazy journeys. Anyway, I am hooked and I love exchanging ideas
and giving and receiving the energy that results when creative juices
flow and mingle in an unselfish setting. Currently, I work with
silver, copper and natural I feel a curiosity about
enameling coming on. I look forward to this experience.

Kevin Hall
Carlsbad, CA. USA

Beginning Jewelry Buff, I learned in High School and College and now
I finally have the time, room and money to take it up as a potential
business. Mostly, I’m doing metal work, pierced work, setting soft
stones but I’m interesting in trying new different projects.

Kevin M Patton
Pattons Fine Jewelry
Baton Rouge, LA. USA

I am the third generation and have my son in the business now for
the past four and one half years.

Laurie Nessel
Tempe, USA

Glass artist and flameworking instructor in Mesa, AZ

Marilynn Liddell
Olympia Fields, IL. USA

Have been a beader and jewelry maker for several years, got sick,
lost my muse and trying to get back into creating beautiful jewelry
pieces again.