[Welcome] New Members for December 27, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Deborah R Applegate
Antioch, TN. USA

I started making wire and bead jewelry about 4 years ago as a hobby.
This “hobby” has turned into an obsession to learn more about
jewelry making. I have taken workshops at the Appalachian Center for
Craft, where I learned the basics of using a torch and cutting sheet
metal, and I now have an entire room pretty much dedicated to this
obsession (as I keep accumulating more tools). As time and money
permit, I plan to take additional classes. In the meantime, I’m
reading, reading, reading and learning what I can and experimenting
on my own.

Jennifer L Drower
Hampton Bays, NY. USA

Hello. I’m a beginner jewelry maker who is currently interested in
using pieces of sea glass I’ve found on my walks on the beach near
my home. I’m combining it with different metals, mostly wrapping at
this point, but am eager to learn more about soldering, etc. I have
my BFA in sculpture and drawing and have been recently expanding my
media into collage, assemblage, and now jewelry making. I’m excited
by this site and am looking forward to becoming involved. Thanks for
being here! Jennifer

Onedia Hayes Sylvest
Fiery Hearts Designs
Bull Shoals, AR. USA


I am a mostly self-taught jewelry artist. I came to my art after a
lifetime of doubting my creative self and denying the existence of
talent. Joyously, I was wrong. I enjoy learning new techniques,
skills, media and materials. I love textures, asymmetry,and mixing
reclaimed or vintage elements with new techniques and materials.

Denise Jenkins
Dayton, Nevada. USA

Hello there. I am a self taught art jeweler with a BFA. I have been
pursuing basic approaches for about 20 years. The Tucson show is my
yearly habit/passion/obsession. I make fair jewelry to support my
stone habit and to do a bit of traveling to areas I like. I did
wholesale a bit and decided I preferred making one-offs better and
went back to just a few galleries and doing retail shows. Color,
form, and texture are of keen interest to me, and I humbly love to
learn more any time. It is with great anticipation and pleasure that
I join this amazing collective.

Jennifer Kline
Montpelier, VT. USA

I have been buying, selling and making jewelry for 20 years and grew
up with parents in the business of antiques and one a
numismatist/philatelist. I enjoy handcrafts as well as natural
mineral specimens, rocks and gems.

I have a degree in art studio, trained in drawing and painting and
casting. I study (&studied) history and archaeology. I endeavor to
advance as a craftsperson and artist and learn about hand engraving
as a ‘next step’ and of course improve and learn other metal working