[Welcome] New Members for December 26, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Ruth Greening
Ruth Greening Designs
Olympia, WA. USA

I have been in some form of ‘art’ for as long as I can remember. I
actually switched High Schools to get into a better art program.
Although I never was fortunate enough to get a ‘formal’ education in
art I have done well in all that I have done. Rangeing from
designing and decorating wedding cakes, Air brush, Lapidary, Fine
wire settings and a touch of glass and silversmithing. My current
devotion is Metal Clay. I am a Senior Instructor for PMC Connection
in the Northwest USA. What is so amazing is that all I have done
prior to this have given me a diverse base to use with my metal clay
work. I love teaching and sharing and I love being a student. There
are just not enough hours in the day or days in the week when it
comes to learning about art.

Amalia Solomonidou
Peiraus, Greece

My name is Amalia and i am from Greece. I love arts, this is why i am
occupied with contemporary jewellery and photograph.

Heather Leckie
Tathra, NSW. Australia

My name is Heather Leckie and I live on a bush acreage on the far
south coast of NSW in Australia. I previously studied printmaking at
the ANU Canberra School of Art (1998-2000) and have been studying
Silversmithing part-time since 2008 under Sharon Cornthwaite of Bega
NSW. I enjoy using various etching techniques on metals such as
silver, brass and copper, which are combined with materials such as
recycled tin, velvet and beach glass in order to make wearable

Barry Leonard Thompson
Southern Cross Jewellery
South Maclean, Queensland. Australia

I am a retired Mechanical Design engineer who makes jewellery as a
hobby.I have specialised in mostly gold jewellery (that is how we
spell it in Oz)and using precious gems. I lived in Thailand for a few
years and have some excellent gem suppliers and a fairly reasonable
collection of facetted I have many other interests and
enjoy painting, drawing, CAD design work, photography, gemstone sales
on the Internet fishing, and poetry writing under the name bazza on
the Allpoetry site.