[Welcome] New Members for December 24, 2013

Please welcome our newest members…

George Mark Andrasko
Disney, OK. USA

I learned jewelry to fulfill the artistic side of my inner self. I
work mainly in sterling, and make chain and pendants for close
friends and family. I love learning new techniques and processes.

Judi Hening
Brisbane, Queensland. Australia

have been in the industry since 1987. started in mass manufacturing
but now own a small suburban retail shop with workshop attached. I
am doing training in CAD in the new year.

Julessa Barnes
Charlotte, NC. USA

I am a self-taught metal smith primarily working in brass, copper
and sterling silver. I use a lot of traditional techniques with
manual processes with a few modern tricks. My passion is in making
something completely by hand with lots of care and with the utmost
quality,. I strive to learn mor e each day and share my knowledge
with my fellow metal smiths.