[Welcome] New Members for December 24, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Tonya Powell
Raleigh, NC. USA

I work with both metal clay and traditional sheet/wire. I consider
myself an intermediate metalsmith. I also teach metal clay classes
in my local area.

Jean M Menden
BeAD HABIT Silversmith
Boyd, MN. USA

Greetings- I am back. I am not a new subscriber just an oldie that
switched email addresses. I did not properly introduce myself when I
first signed on a few years ago. I am a retired teacher and am able
to make jewelry now as full time as I want to, that is, when I am
not working with my 3 horses. Slowly I am improving my silversmith
skills. I hope my jewelry designing and sales will provide a little
income for me over time. Sales from my home and traveling to art
shows is what I have been doing to promote myself this past 2 years.
Marketing is my biggest issue- I don’t enjoy it and a m not good at
it. My new years resolution will be to improve my exposure and to
increase my customer base. A wonderful prosperous new year I wish to
all other Orchid members.

Jean Menden