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[Welcome] New Members for December 21, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Larry Welch
Phoenix, AZ. USA

My girlfriend and i have just started gem faceting and wire jewelry
as a hobby but i think we are hooked

Barbara A Blaschke
Little Luxuries
Canyon Lake, Texas. USA

Creating jewelry is my passion, and my sanity after my day job. Have
some metal smith classes, but mostly self taught. Have a large
collection of books and magazines to refer to and am fairly fearless
about attempting projects on the theory they might actually work.
Love agates and jaspars and u se mostly sterling, but would love to
incorporate more gold in my work.

Cindy Lamb Basham
Longview, Illinois. USA

Enjoy making jewelry, working with horsehair, and about anything I
put my mind to create. A full time Graphic designer and hobbyist. I
love making one of a kind pieces.

Linda Wagner
The Silver Acorn
Katy, Texas. USA

Growing up, my mother would tell us only boring people get bored,
luckily for me, she bestowed her gifts of creativity and
resourcefulness to me.

In 2000, due to adverse side effects to drugs I was taking to combat
an illness, I was unable to sleep for an entire month. One night,
after realizing there had to be more than TV infomercials and the
internet, I picked up one of my earrings, carefully looked at how it
was made and thought I cou ld do that. A trip to an amazing bead shop
the next day and I was hooked " a new hobby was born. Everyone who
knew me received multiple sets of earrings, bracelets and necklaces
for Christmas that year.

For the past eleven years Ive been a web-developer in the high tech
industry and Ive used designing jewelry as a way to relax and
de-stress. In 2007, I redesigned a 90-year old jasper necklace into
several new pieces of jewelry for my mother-in-law. Working with
those beautiful old stones re ignited deep passions within me and her
praises of my work encouraged me to make jewelry to sell.

Over the last two years, Ive taken several precious metal clay (PMC)
and metalsmithing classes and Ive come to realize that working with
gemstones and metals are my true passion.

I would say that Im in a state of transition right now. More than
anything else, I want to be a full-time metal smith and jeweler. But
for now I still have my real job during the day which allows me to
save for my future career. And when Im not taking care of my
husband, my step daught er and our two dogs, I spend my free time
making jewelry, taking classes, learning about business, and
figuring out the how to get to my future career in the quickest and
most successful way possible.

Merritt Stevens Bumpas
Cheshire Cat Studios LLC
Covington, Louisiana. USA

Basically, I work in mixed media jewelry. I have only recently
started working with copper and silver, primarily pendants, earrings
and a couple of rings. In other words, I’m a beginner. I wan’t to
improve my metalworking skills and include stone setting as well as
repousse and etching.