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[Welcome] New Members for December 19, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Adam McGovern
Mt. Tabor, NJ. USA

Interested in encouraging the jeweler in my life and wearing her

Donna Kensy-Rudick
Upper Holland, PA. USA

I am just learning to work with metal.

Marla Sauer
Marla’s Jewelry
Roanoke, VA. USA

I have been an artist and creative personality as long as I can

I have a love of gardening and nature, which is reflected in some of
my work. I also have a love of geometric and asymmetrical designs.
Vintage and traditional, mixed with the clean look of modernism. One
of my favorite things to do in any of my artwork, whether it is
painting on canvas or soldering on silver, is creating balance with
negative space.

Using hammers and soldering torches to mold and malleate my pieces
is what I love to do! Being a self-taught artist has supported the
uninfluenced approach to my jewelry designs. It gives me the
creative space to build unique pieces of artwork, not just generic,
hot off the assembly line jewe lry!

Because of that, no two pieces are identical;)

Michelle E McClanan
M’Erin Jewelry
New Ashford, MA. USA

I have been a lurker here for years… since 2004. Occasionally I
post, but mostly I have been absorbing as much as I
could. Through Orchid I found Kate Wolf and her workshops and New
Approach School for jewelers which I attended in 2009. It is one of
my goals for 2012 to contribute more to Ganoksin and the wonderful
community here.