[Welcome] New Members for December 16, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

M E Walbourne
MEW to You Designs
Bridgewater, MA. USA


I began collecting and selling vintage costume jewelry in 2005 which
has since bloomed into beaded and metal jewelry designing and
crafting. I am an artistic administrator for a non-profit art
studio, Covenant Sanctuary Studio which is open to anyone on
mondays, in Bridgewater, MA

Collette Batho
Bognor Regis, UK

Hello, I started working in silver back in 1975 after finishing an
art degree in which I focussed on sculpture and painting. I stopped
for a while to raise children then took it up again in 2001. Since
then I have been doing small scale art and craft fairs but recently
cut down the day job in order to spend more time on my jewellery
business as a designer maker. I work in silver with small amounts of
gold. I use cabochon semi-precious stones in my designs sometimes.
I’m joining this forum as I often have questions I can’t find answers
to in books and am no longer part of a student group. Working alone
in my home studio (and my main employment is also home based now) I
feel quite isolated at times so its good to link in with a like
minded community.

Tom Tyma
All That Glitters
Albuquerque, NM. USA

I’m a 2nd generation jeweler, full time fireman in ALbuquerque, NM.
Do cusom designing, silver and gold. Do all my own work, enjoy
networking with others.

Michele Huppert
Glassnutts. Australia


I am a glass artist who has recently started the long process of
learning smithing. Still learning basic techniques but have managed
to produce some ok jewellery pieces that are a bit quirky and funky,
such as my birds on a wire series of brooches and my new ‘flower
pot’ range. As a newbie I am just a sponge ready to soak up the
generous knowledge of others

Colleen Magennis
Rothesay, UK

I am a designer jeweller working to my own original designs. I love
solving problems but sometimes I need some expert help! Right now
I’m really struggling with trying to make a silver ring with thin
(.4) strips of 24K gold soldered to it. It just ain’t working, and I
can’t find any on the properties of this carat of gold!