[Welcome] New Members for December 12, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Richard Hopkins
Macksville, NSW. Australia

I am a silversmith and jeweller who lives in Australia. I have just
set up my workshop (again) and am now teaching my son and daughter
the trade. As well as making hollow ware and jewellery I am also a
master mould maker (specialising in silcone RTV moulds for resin
casting). I enjoy this site and find it very interesting and useful.

Deanna Jean Webster
Westminster, CO. USA

I studied metalsmithing at the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts in
the late 90’s. I have worked part-time as a custom jeweler while
raising young children and am currently helping a friend get a
school (Boulder School of Metals) up and running. I am working
toward building a mentoring program of art s for high school aged
kids in the near future.

Chris Makin
Grand Junction, CO. USA

Hi I have been making silver art jewelry as mostly a hobby for
25yrs. or so.I like using cabachons because the are more organic.I
also do blacksmithing and bladesmithing (www.sandiaforge.com.). I
live in Grand Junction Colorado.