[Welcome] New Members for December 11, 2013

Please welcome our newest members…

Carrie Story
Trinity, NC. USA

I am a metal clay artist working primarily in fine silver.

Jesse C. Lange
Portland, OR. USA

I guess the description of paradise my mom gave was what inspired me
towards stone cutting, knife making and metals. Then my family
conections who were into muzzle loader type regailia molded my
preference toward the rustic, hand rubbed and low lustre finishes I
frequently use.

I also cannot finish my life till I am proficient in granulation
like the ancients. Tuts treasures were and are an inspiration for

I work ALOT. 14 - 16 hr. days are normal. I have a fishing license
but have been out only 3 times all year, &I love fishing. Trying to
make a go of it. Shop is a 10’ x 7’ plastic shed I’ve been frozen out
of for 3 days(needed the heater in the house.) I used the time to
chop all my fossil ivory into cabs and pendants and cracked ice for
carved cabs for rings.

So, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Shoaib N Motiwala
Karachi, Pakistan

Have been affeliated with the Jewellery industry for the last 30
years. I am a partner in a small but well established firm (since
1949). The firm specializes in only hand made, high end jewellery. I
would love to learn new techniques related to the hand fabrication
process. I encounter problems ev ery now and then, and would like to
share my experiances with all.

James Robinson
Ruro, UK

Hobby Jeweller who sells locally and to commission.