[Welcome] New Members for December 10, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Athena Rosette Clune
Arcata, USA


I am a beginning jeweler who is primarily experienced in wire and
bead work. I am currently learning metalsmithing and am very
interested to grow and obtain more knowledge in this field. Cheers!

Erich Hand
Huntington Beach, CA. USA

I am a long term AIDS survivor who decided to take up what had always
been one of my dreams, making jewelry. I am mostly self taught. I had
some experience working for someone who did lost wax casting about 30
years ago and I did a couple a years work doing antique refinishing
and repair. I also did some work with ceramics, sculpture, mixing my
own glazes, etc. So that does have some relation jewelry work. I did
some design work, most of it was on laser systems, missiles,
satellites, the Magellan and Gallileo probes. I have been fortunate
enough to have travelled around the world, courtesy of Uncle Sam. And
I have repeated some of it again on my own. Thank you,