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[Welcome] New Members for December 1, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Tal Klein
Kensington, Australia

I am a Sydney-based beadwork designer who combines old world
craftsmanship with leading edge technology. The wisdom of the ages
provides a solid foundation for innovation.

Maurice Costello
Ashgrove East, Qld. Australia,

Retired dentist who has dabbled in sterling silversmithing over past
30 yrs. Have recently enrolled at The Goldsmith School in Brisbane
to expand my technical skulls, Di chainmaille, Viking knitting,
silversmithing, and sterling wired crystal necklaces and bracelets

Ed Yana Murphy
El Cerrito, CA. USA

Hi all. I’m a beginning jewelry/metal worker, recently retired
school teacher. I hope to learn as much as I can in my association
with this great forum.

Sumer Rusk
Indianapolis, Indiana. USA

I am a jewelry lover, as most women are, but I particularly love
learning about all of the particular types of gems, and then how
they are changed to make them “more beautiful” for the average
buyers, such as the line of topazes that are out, the mystic fire
and such. Each chance I get to travel to somewhere famed for their
jewelry, especially the Caribbean, I always come home with new
knowledge, and new pieces. Because I love the stories behind gems
and not just the price tag, my engagement ring was a $90 black hills
gold ring with a Mt. St. Helen’s Emerald where most people would
have a diamond. I value it far more than any diamond solitaire.

Richard Dobbs
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Interested in preserving real flowers Orchids etc. in poly resin.

Zoe J. Beatty
Boston, MA. USA

I am at the very beginning of my career as a jeweler. After my two
year intensive jewelry program ends I hope to launch my own line of
fine jewelry. I’m excited to be in the craft world and to learn more
every day.

Brogan Murphy
Sydney, Australia,