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[Welcome] New Members for August 8, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Amanda Conley
Nashville, USA

I have been a jewelry designer for many years. I am mostly self
taught although I have had the chance to learn from some gifted
master metal smiths. I have not been doing my business full time
lately, as I have been battling stage 2 breast cancer. The pieces I
am making now are very simple and ref lect my journey.

Robert Lee Richards
Helper, Utah. USA

I started my jewelry work in 1972 in Glenwood Springs Colo.Completely
self taught. I also did all of the lapidary needed to accomplish the
custom pieces. I was soon doing custom and bench work for Jewelry
stores in Aspen and Snowmass Colo. I also was accepted as a Silver
Smith with the IACA (Indian arts and craft association gallerys)and
eventually became a buyer for the galleries. I traveled through out
the South West purchasing from the best in jewlery, pottery, rugs and
sand paintings artists. I got full custody of my 6 year old son in
1981 and had to change my career to one that I would have a steady
paycheck and benifits. I haven’t been involved in the Jewelry
business for 32 years. I decided just in the last 3 months to go back
to my first love to design and then to create something of beauty.
Through all of my research lately I am amazed how the manufacturing
of jewelry has ch anged and I have a lot of catching up to do.
Looking forward to every minute. If one stops learning one should
just stay in bed.

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