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[Welcome] New Members for August 6, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Ryn Gargulinski
Tucson, Arizona. USA

I’m a writer and artist working on a series of articles about
jewelry. Someone turned me on to this forum as an awesome place to
gather and ask questions that I cannot easily find
answers to on the web. Thanks!

Peter DeHahn
Sherman, Ct. USA

Hi everyone, I am 54 and started in the jewelry trade at 14. I went
to Penland in 1980 and was introduced to mokume gane by Marvin
Jensen. He was a very strong influence and pointed me in a lifelong
direction. I studied at the museum of fine arts Boston where my
interest in Japanese metal techniques and the wonder of Japanese
sword fittings developed.

I have been a serious collector of these amazing art objects ever
I owned a jewelry trade shop for 12 years, managed a jewelry
manufacturing shop for 7+ years, worked in several retail stores and
for the last 15 years been the designer/goldsmith at a store on the
Connecticut “goldcoast” I have always maintained my own studio as
well and will add my pics to the bench exchange. I have enjoyed this
site for sometime now and feel it is time to make it official.

Delaney Saint Dean
Bay City, Michigan. USA

I am a novice with no formal training to speak of. I am entirely
self-taught from video, books and tons of time at the bench. I am a
no name who wants to be great! I work primarily in silver and sell
my work here and there. I work at improving my skills and aquireing
the tools to expand my skill set. I rely totally on forums like this
and the graces of Rio Grande to work past road block, but mostly I
just use trial and error to archive success. I study a lot of
documentaries about ancient jewelery and I figure if those artisan
jewelers could manage without electricity and fancy gadgets, so can
I…but the gadgets are nice (g. r.s. benchmate for example). I
would cherrish an old fashioned apprenticeship, but this is
impossible in my area, nobody has time for it. So, I do what I do
and that’s me.

Peter W Gilroy
Taos, NM. USA

Designer/craftsman specializing in reactive metals and hydraulic