[Welcome] New Members for August 6, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Carolyn Stutzman
Seattle, WA. USA

I have been selling jewelry online since 2002, but am new to the
manufacturing process. Traditional jewelry is my main focus, but I
would like to get creative with jewelry design in my spare time. I’m
excited to be working with my hands instead of only on the computer.
Orchid has already helped me decide on tools and set up my workshop.

Barbara Bejna
SkyBlue Design
Chicago, IL. USA

Experienced woodworker new to jewelry making. Exploring the
possibility of combining wood and metal in small pieces. Getting
started by working with Noel Yovovich.

Cassandra Bazos
CB Jewelry Designs
Oakville, Ontario. Canada


After receiving a BA degree in Classics (Classical Civilizations) I
worked for 2 years in a full time position as a Marketing Support
Representative and a Buyer at an international distribution company.
This experience helped me to realize what I didn’t want in life, a
desk job. I came to the conclusion that I was made for bigger and
brighter things and moved from Montreal, Quebec to Oakville, Ontario
with my husband.

For a while I dabbled in different hobbies, trying to figure out what
it was that I enjoyed doing. Christmas of last year (2008) changed
all that. I decided to go into my local Micheals store and pick up
some jewelry components to make a series of bracelets for my sister.
Needless to say they were an instant success. I received the support
that I very much desired from my family and took upon myself a new
profession as a jewelry designer.

I officially started my business, CB Jewelry Designs in March 2009
and have been creating ever since. I am currently taking classes at
George Brown College and have applied to join their Jewelry Methods
program to learn more about the jewelry industry and continue the
pursuit of my education in the metal arts.