[Welcome] New Members for August 4, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Stella Shaffer
Keizer, OR. USA

As an Art major, back when the earth’s crust was cooling, I failed
to take jewelry classes, and have regretted it ever since.
Fortunately I’ve found a wonderful teacher and can now try my hand
at this, too.

Susan Eileen Snyder
SES Design Jewelry
Sarasota, FL. USA


My background in art is a BFA in photography. I also have my Masters
in Social Work. I started making jewelry in 2000, first beading. But
within a year, was dissatisfied with it, and working with a small
torch and hammer. After 8 years of making mistakes, I took my first
classes in a five day intensive. Talk about doing things the hard
way… in one week I corrected some poor habits and learned new
techniques and lots of bench tips. I’ve have recently retired from
Social Work and have started spending five days a week in my studio.
With the help of “Jewelry Concepts and Technology”, some good dvds
and this site, my repertoire is starting to really expand. Never the
less, continuing to take classes is one of my goals.

My work is very influenced by my early years. My father was an
architect focusing in modernism and my mother studied fashion. I’ve
been surrounded by mid-century modern design my whole life, and it
is my inclination aesthetically. Minimal, pure forms are very
attractive to me. As my knowledge grows and my technique expands, I
hope to use more complex processes to create beautiful jewelry;
Minimal in style, but hopefully not in technique.