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[Welcome] New Members for August 31, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Bevin Moon
Albuquerque, NM. USA

I am a freshly minted jewelry artist from NM who recently turned my
pastime into a business due to various changes and upheavals in my
life. I love rocks and stones of all kinds, and am combining this
with new skills in metalsmithing to switch from mostly beading to
now mostly bench jewelry making and metalsmithing. Still learning and
still have a lot to learn, and very excited to make jewelry and
learn the business of selling it as well. Currently on Etsy
(desertmoondesign., but hope to get my own website up and
running very soon. Happy to be joining a creative community.

Craig Evans
Sheridan, Wyoming. USA

I am a 61 years young and retired from a different occupation.
Jewelry making/repair has been an ongoing sideline where I have the
opportunity to express myself in ways that I can not do verbally.
Some people can “lose” themselves in their work or play such as with
a musical instrument. For me, when I sit down at the bench, time
flies by and stands still at the same time. I’m always surprised
after I’ve been working at something for a while and I look at my
watch to see that it’s never what time I would have guessed it to
be. Out of all the Jewelry skills, stone setting and engraving are
th e most challenging and rewarding for me. However, I still enjoy
such simple tasks as filing, polishing and cleaning. About the only
task of the whole “business” side of this that I don’t enjoy is the
"business" side; filing, taxes, ordering, collecting, etc. FYI, I’m
self taught and haven’t had the opportunity to attend any classes as
yet. Maybe I’ll do that when I get older. (: