[Welcome] New Members for August 30, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Bobby Baker
Columbia, South Carolina. USA

Grown in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and transplanted
in the center of South Carolina, Bobby W. Baker has an affinity for
nature and the awe and wonder it inspires. His art is based on this
very feeling. “To me the Muse is that feeling of giddiness you get
when you discover something of great wonder. The hope is that every
piece I create will elicit the same feeling in others.”

Found object art, jewelry, and toys are his area of expertise.

Amanda Denison
Chiswick, UK

I am a London based contemporary jewellery artist working in mixed
metals. I manipulate the metal surface using forging, etching,
piercing and enamelling techniques and like to make brooches and
neck pieces. I have lived in London all my life and am influenced by
the urban environment in which I live. My work is inspired by decay,
dereliction and dilapidation - layers of peeling paint, the rust on
railings and corrugated iron sheds are all sources of inspiration.

Cullen L Hackler
Norcross, GA. USA

As the managing director of the Enamelist Society I am joining
Orchid to keep up to date with developments in the jewelry field
that would interest our membership as well as to disseminate
of activities of the Enamelist Society that may be of
interest to the jewelry community.