[Welcome] New Members for August 30, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Tim Cunningham
Baroque Design
Bunbury, West Australia. Australia

I am a handmake jeweller, I have a small studio in Bunbury, West
Australia. I try to handmake everything I stock in my studio,
personally not a big fan of casting but each to there own.

Karen Sue May
Denali Jewelry and Assessories
Brooklyn, New York. USA

Hi! My husband and I are Texans, transplanted to New York City -
quite a difference. I have been selling jewelry on my website, but
only recently have we gotten into actually MAKING jewelry. He is the
solderer, and I help with design, as well as procure the stones,
etc. Being relatively new to this, we welcome input from those with
experience. I read about this site on another web page (who spoke
highly of it), and am looking forward to getting emails. Thanks!

Jon Weiglin
La Habra, CA. USA

I have the hottest Fashion Jewelry Concept Ever!!!

Trademarked Product line never seen on the market. Looking for a