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[Welcome] New Members for August 28, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Sean Ward
Sacramento, CA. USA

My wife and I are enjoying the art of jewelry making. My focus us on
a line of fashionable titanium rings and wedding bands. My
background is in machining, so I am producing the rings on a lathe.
I am now focusing on the art of finish, and that is why I have
joined this site. I look forward to hearing feedback on how other
ring makers have been able to achieve a mirror-like finish on the OD
and ID of their rings (titanium).

Susan Bellew Bellew
Pinehurst, North Carolina. USA

I am a metalsmithing hobbyist. I have been creating jewelry for
about 5 years and always enjoy mastering new techniques.

Meir Haimi
Mevaseret zion, Israel

i am a new jeweler

Rita Schack
Pearland, TX. USA

Hi. I create and sell personalized jewelry and accessories in
various metals. I’m starting to expand my skills to offer gemstone
and fine jewelry.

Kelly Ann Fox
Sibley, Missouri. USA

I am a hobby jewelry maker and just looking for knowledge and
inspiration to continue my creativity and passions.