[Welcome] New Members for August 28, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Chris Waddington
Barrow-in-Furness, UK

Until recently I had my own business making jewellery in a variety
of styles, but had to cease trading due to problems with my spine.
However, I am still extremely interested in everything to do with
jewellery making and hope one day to be able to return to making
full use of my workshop

Sandra Ansaldo
Emporio ansaldo
Santiago, Chile


always interested me to learn, observe and grow even more profound
knowledge to my concerns in the jewelry, the use of different
materials mixed with it and and make unique pieces and provide idea

Barbra J Davis
Homer, AK. USA


Lived in Alaska since 1981. These days I’m spending winters in
Asheville, NC. As a former accountant and travel agency ownner I had
to find something else to do with myself after being diagnosed with a
chronic pain disorder. As a bead-stringer hobbyist for years - I
quickly became interested in beads again - this time finding myself
totally in love with wire working. After working with copper and
sterling wire for 4 years - I am now playing around with copper,
sterling and brass sheet - my goal is to be a full blown metalsmith.
My work is being shown in two galleries in Alaska. My sister - a
retired RN - has also joined me in this foray into jewelry design -
we share an Etsy shop - Wired Women Designs. My sister Brenda has
just finished a week of classes in cold connection at the William
Holland school. She sells her work in the outdoor Portico Market of
the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville. Both of us do a few art
faires singularly and together. There is so much to learn! Thanks for
allowing me to join. I value all the artists here.


Lived in Alaska since 1981. 

Alaska… I was born in Anchorage. Actually concieved in Nome, flown
to Anchorage. And lived Eagle River until I was six. Couldnt stay
away too long, so I went back through high school (Chugiak) and lived
with family. But, back in Alabama, missing it now, half wolf half
dog. I need to get up there in spring. Anybody else who thinks they
know what fresh Salmon smells like…

Its cool meeting you here!