[Welcome] New Members for August 27, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

John LeBourgeois
San Francisco, CA. USA

I am a gemstone facetor and cutter. I occasionally dabble in the
jewelry world, and will do more of that as I would like to integrate
the stones I cut into settings that will synergize both aspects to
make magical things! I have a wide range of interests, am a science
junkie, and love beauty. Look forward to sharing and learning from
all here.

Eric Taylor
Hervey bay, Queensland. Australia

hello, i am a collector of prescious gems,opals etc, i avidly
collect, cut and sell roughs, faceted and cabbed gems from australia

Amber Lynn Johnson
Smith and Bevill Jewelers
Portland, OR. USA

I am a bench jeweler with about 2 and a half years of experience. I
currently work for a custom jeweler in Beaverton. I am looking
forward and extremely interested in gaining the skills and knowledge
to have a long successful career in this trade.

Donna Durda
Corona, CA. USA

I make and sell jewelry on Etsy. I really enjoy creating and
learning new things/techniques.

Andrea G Miller
Madison, WI. USA

MFA Grad Student @ University of Wisconsin - Madison in Art Metals

Nicholas Cosgrove
Hobart, Tasmania. Australia

i am a trade jeweller for the last 18 years at the one shop.my day
is made up of makes and repairs etc etc

George Georgallis
George-Frank Jewelry
Neptune Beach, FL. USA

I came from the family business, where I became a 3rd generation
jeweler and I practice making fine jewelry everyday. I have been at
the bench for several years and even though I have been around this
business my whole life I’m still learning new things all the time. I
love what I do. So, I constantly look forward to my future, and maybe
one day I will design a gorgeous line of my own, made to suit the
Highest standards in our industry.