[Welcome] New Members for August 24, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Denny Turner
Denny’s Designs
San Diego, CA. USA

I am a custom designer, jewelry fabricator, and lapidary who runs a
small shop in San Diego. I work mostly in silver for a select client
list. I also teach beginning and advanced techniques of silver
fabrication to adult students. I prefer to include semi-precious
stones in my work such as lapis, turquoise, opal, ammolite, sugilite,
etc. as opposed to the big five cut stones. I do a lot of

Rebekah Mahoney
Gainesville, FL. USA

I’ve been making lampworked beads for a few years. Now that I’m
drowning in glass beads, I’d like to go beyond basic bead stringing
and learn more about metalworking as well as other jewelry
techniques to highlight my glasswork. At this time, I’m just a
hobbyist but I’m fascinated with the universe of jewelrymaking.

Debbie Barlow
Shell Beach, CA. USA

I am a jewelry hobbyist looking for about techniques and

George N Taylor
Eastlight Studio. LLC
Atlanta, GA. USA

I am a licensed Interior Designer. My sister is a master goldsmith
whose practice I have watched for many years as I grew up. Although I
have attended several summer sessions of The FSG Wildacres workshops,
I haven’t done any metal work in the last 12-15 years. Recently, I’ve
begun to play with metal again along with my wife. We are attending
beginner & “low-intermediate” classes on weekends & setting up a
workshop for our use.