[Welcome] New Members for August 24, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Lewis DeMoss
McKeesport, PA. USA

I’m just beginning to get the tools and etc together to try to do
some jewelry work for myself. I’m a retired tool and die maker that
used to work in the automotive industry. I would like to learn how
to make gold jewelry, and I’d like to hear from anyone in the
Pittsburgh, Pa. area that can help me along. I have many questions,
and hope that the forum will be helpful.

Sienna Patti
Sienna Gallery
Lenox, MA. USA

Julie Philman
Bell, USA

I am a freshman in college seriously considering a career in jewelry

Lisa Monahan
Lisa Monahan Metal Works
Newton , MA. USA

I am a metalsmith and design jewelry, sculptured wall art and
lighting for the past fifteen years. My work is modern and hgihly
influenced by my 20+ year career as an architect. I use a wide
variety of materials in my work - ordinary, industrial, vintage and
more traditional as well. Metals used in cluded silver, gold, gold
vermeil, oxidixed silver, brass, copper.

Angie Howard
Winter Garden, FL. USA

I’m pretty new to jewelry making - only been at it for a few years.
Since I have a full time job I don’t really get a chance to dive in
as I’d like to. Right now I do wire wrapping but hope to eventually
move into fabrication.

Abbotsford, BC. Canada

I’m a proud chainmaille addict and am loving the diverse genres of
jewelrymaking and enjoy learning and applying new techniques :slight_smile:

Ken Thibado
WingNut Industries
Boonville, NY. USA

Contemporary Metalsmith
Small Business Owner
Satisfied Dog Owner