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[Welcome] New Members for August 22, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Shari Weiller
Santa Monica, CA. USA

Hi. I’m returning to jewelry making after a long hiatus. I have just
begun to set up my shop, and I have a lot of work to do cleaning
tools that have been put away for almost 20 years. I’ve also got a
lot of work to do remembering techniques. I’m hoping it’s like
getting back on a bicycle…you never forget how to ride. Can’t wait
to get started.

Jaydeep Zinzuvadia
Mumbai, Maharashtra. India

Jeweller by profession,Gemmologist by education (for the field along
with many more), thriving to cater the customer-jewelery buyer with
utmost ethics in business practices.

Anne E Kline
Windsor, SC. USA

I do ceramics, mostly used for my jewelry. Nothing fancy, I try to
keep my items very affordable. I do some handbuilding, some molds
and have many vintage plaster molds that I use to make some unusual
pins and pendants. Hope to do some raku when I can afford to get an
area set up with my kiln. I live in rural SC with my family and
assorted dogs, cats, and now chickens. I would love to learn
metalsmithing but will have to do it on my own, there isn’t much
around here for instruction. I have done art welding in the past but
not for small items. Why is it whenever I get interested in
something the price skyrockets for the supplies!

Roni Baronowitz
Brooklyn, NY. USA

I’m a jewelry craftsperson who has worked primarily in beads and
polymer. However, I have been moving in to working with PMC and
silver wire and metal work. I enjoy taking classes and communicating
with other craftspeople.

Chris Cook
Watkins Glen, NY. USA

I’m a 60 year old cabinetmaker who has dabbled in jewelry for some
time and and the spark has returned for whatever reason. Just
looking for company. Peace

Daniel Canivet
Oceanside, California. USA

currently a student in the graduate jewelry program at the
Gemological institute of america

Liz McDonald
North Vancouver, BC. Canada

I am a certified PMC artisan and teach PMC classes in Vancouver
Canada. I love the product and am now experimenting with bronze and
copper. I am not a silversmith but have had quite a few silversmiths
in my classes. I thought a site like this would help me learn more
of the technical about the metals. I also am a hand
bookbinder, painter and make jewelry. I get inspiration from many
other artists and look forward to learning from Ganoksin.

Fincher V Trist
Bristol, UK

Hi, I have been learning various jewellery making skills for the
last couple of years. I mostly enjoy working with silver and silver
clay, and enamelling. So far I haven’t done any courses, so I enjoy
picking up hints and tips from books and the internet. I look
forward to having a read through this forum & having a chat :slight_smile:

Michael Dennis Wolfe
Designs In Iron
Ann Arbor, MI. USA

I spent many years of my working life in photography, after starting
in video in 1957. I worked in various areas of technical photography
until 1975 when I opened a custom photo-lab which remained open until
I sold it in 1997. As you can guess photography was not my hobby. In
1983 I became very involved in wood and then metal. 1n 1985 I became
very involved in blacksmithing, because the photo-lab was running
smoothly, I would sneak away a few days a week and work with a well
know blacksmith for free just to learn the art. When I sold the lab,
I started to get small commissions, and decided to put up the shingle
and go for it. As you can see on my web page, that
I have been having fun for the last 13 years.