[Welcome] New Members for August 22, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Anna Lee Carlton
Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA

I live and work in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I collaborate with a
local goldsmith making handwoven chains in 22k. My personal work
involves traditional silver techniques elaborated into small kinetic
sculptures. My goal in the near future is to find a gallery here in
Santa Fe to exhibit my seri es of kinetic pendants.

John B Joseph
Josephs Jewelers
West Des Moines, IA. USA

I am a fourth generation co-owner of my families jewelry business.
We have been in business since 1871. My primary responsibilities are
in the Human Resources area. I also sell and offer my opinions on
advertising, merchandising, and I oversee the IT functions.

I love colored We are big supporters of the GIA and AGS
education and certification programs. We have 3 stores in the
greater Des Moines area.

I am solely responsible for benefits, compensation, hiring,
recruitng, retention and training our staff of approximately 90
people. We have 8 full time bench jewelers, watch repair, appraisals.
We sell diamonds, watches, gifts, colored gems, silver and
alternative metals.

Pamela D Taulbee
Rockville, MD. USA,

I am a hobbyist jewelry maker with six years experience. I studied
under Komelia Okim at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD, Michael
Schwartz in Kensington, Md., also taken classes with Linda
Threadgill, Harold O’Connor. Right now I am interested in getting
experience with a variety of techniques.

Have a limited garage studio with torch and small kiln. I am a
chemist, so the process and science behind metalsmithing interests

Martice D. Mills
Los Angeles, CA. USA

I’m a beginner in jewelry design and manufacturing in Los Angeles.
Over the past three years I have learned how to carve, cast and set
stones. My skill level is at best intermediate. I am very interested
in CAD/CAM. I currently work with Rhino for designs. Most of my
questions are regarding how to design in CAD but making sure it can
actually be produced with rendering professional results. I struggle
with: 1) What diameter and height should a prong be for pave stones
@ 2mm 2) What thickness should the piece be for azzures simply things
like this… Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated

Darlene Dunat
Tampa, FL. USA

I am a complete beginner at working with metal. I hope to develop
some skills in chasing, repousse, and creating jewelry. I haven’t
started the jewelry yet, but have started with chasing and repousse.
My finished pieces are definitely those of an amateur, lol, but you
learn by doing, right?

Prior to the metal work, I did mostly stained glass… especially
large and involved stained glass wind chimes. I recently lost my
ability to access my portfolio by web, but as soon as I find a
place, I’ll post pictures of my past and current work.

I’ve been reading the the Orchid digest, and already have learned
quite a bit. Thanks you so much for having all this information

Hail and Welcome John Joseph of Des Moines Ia. I started my jewelry
career in your store, many years ago. I started in gift wrap and
worked into repairs under Phil Isley. Say Hi to Toby if he’s still
around and remembers me (if not I am George Flagg’s step daughter).
I’m working in Central Oregon and Love it here.

Candy Park