[Welcome] New Members for August 21, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Scott Kelley
Petoskey, MI. USA

In the last year I have purchased a lap machine and began to learn
how to polish and shape a stone. I have now polished over 200 stones
of all kinds and sizes. I then looked at some of my gems and decided
I needed to learn silver smith metal work. So far that has gone well
and all my work is worn by all my relatives. I have learned to wire
wrap, set stones and some enameling. I am a student and will
continue to be while polishing this trade into an art.

Anthony Poole
Santa Cruz, CA. USA

Self-taught jeweler, tinkerer. Working in body jewelry manufacturing
for 20 years.

Theresa Hegarty
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. UK

Hi, I am Teri and i am a self taught metal smith with a passion for
creating unique jewellery. I take my inspiration mostly from nature
but just about anything can catch my eye and be turned into an
interesting design in my head. I mostly use Silver for my work but i
also have a love of mixed metals and i spend a long time sourcing
the best natural gemstones to use in each design. Because i am self
taught i am always on the look out for new techniques that i can
learn or ways to improve on the techniques i already use. I am
looking forwards to soaking up as much as possible and
reading the fabulous bench tips.

Dror Arbel Arbel
Yehud, Israel

YoolaDesign, a world of wire crochet jewelry and home accents
originally developed by Yael Falk, now offers an ornamental wire
crocheted pomegranate Home Decor accent. Yael, an industrial designer
from Israel, started her line of crochet jewelry and home accents in
2008 after learning this original technique while living in Montreux,
Switzerland. This special technique which she coined Invisible Spool
Knitting (ISK) uses a tiny crochet hook and nothing else but her bare
hands. The result is airy and light, though with a presence and with
an immediate atmosphere input.

Garrett AD Johnson
Montreal, QC. Canada

Jewelry designer and aspiring Bench Jeweler out of Montreal, Quebec.