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[Welcome] New Members for August 20, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Zach Gustafson
Mill Valley, CA. USA

I am a new student at Revere, thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

Richard D Dennis
Loves Park, IL. USA

Just a old jeweler with a Meco midget torch trying to solder.

Brian Lapointe Lapointe
South Dennis, Massachusetts. USA

Hello, I am an experienced bench jeweler, skilled in various setting
techniques, working in all precious metals, also a lapidary. I own a manufacturer of the first ever safety for rings.

Patsy Jean Korth
Mt. Clemens, MI. USA

I am a senior citizen. I started beading jewelry and designing my
own, and am now learning metal smithing. I work mostly with copper
presently but hope to continue with precious metals eventually. My
purpose for joining is to learn from the artists who have
successfully mastered metal working.

.This gives me something to do in the winter months… I am a
beginner but do have a facebook site called pattiskove…thank you
for allowing me to join the group…

Peter Brusaschi
Coolangatta, New South Wales. Australia

I live in Australia. I have been in the opal cutting, designing,
jewelry business for over 40 years. I have been online with for nearly twenty years and have written books and made
documentaries on the subject of opal. I have also helped thousands
of people with their questions about opal. I have a lot of
experience travelling in the outback of Australia to the opal and
other gemstone mines and have close association with opal miners. i
have a 3000 acre property in the middle of the lightning ridge opal
fields which gives me a good connection with black opal and boulder
opal. Pleased to offer advice on any opal related subject.