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[Welcome] New Members for August 2, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Jen Lane
Big pine key, Fl. US Minor Outlying Islands

Some of us have our life changed by small degrees and others
suddenly, for me dec 27th 2007, it was the end of a 30+ years
occupation as a chef and kitchen manager but I was lucky as a teen
to learn smithing from one of the few Iroquois silversmiths still
working with the knowledge passed down generation to generation. The
Navaho were not the only native tribe to use smithing but the
Iroquois learned a few tricks from the French. I even still have a
necklace passed down at least 150 or more years each generation
added to it, and I will do so as well. One of the first things I
learned is if you want to learn how to make jewelry first you have
to learn to make your tools. Well Now that I am in need of a new
occupation that will allow for a few restrictions I will be making
jewelry, So I am making my tools. While I am making my tools, I will
be making some to sell, So that I can buy a few things I can’t make.
I may like the old fashion way. But my restrictions require a few
modern tools that cant be made effeciantly by hand.

John Utterback
Lexington, USA,

I am disabled and retired. I have been doing lapidary work as a
hobby mostly for over 30 years. I cut Kentucky agate designer
cabochons. I also used to be a silversmith but I quit doing it and
learned to do wire wrapped jewelry 3.5 years ago.