[Welcome] New Members for August 13, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Halie Beeh
Old Bridge, New Jersey. USA

I have just started my venture into jewelry-making. Currently
learning beginners techniques part-time, I would eventually like to
become a full-time student and beyond.

Mark Beierle
West Allis, WI. USA

use metals all day long to fabricate parts in the induction heating
and melting industry.[30yrs]. have never brazed or welded however.
Tired of my woodworking hobby. thought i would try some jewelry
making or combine the wood and the metal.

Lesley Aine Mckeown
Prescott, AZ. USA

Born in Kansas City not long after both my parents graduated from KC
Art Institute. I was exposed to art and design at an early age. It
was this nurturing environment that enabled me to recognize my
intuitive abilities and eventually express my creative proclivities.

It was after a short stint as an apprentice with a silversmith I
became smitten with the medium and the sculptural possibilities of
metal. Primarily self-taught, over the last 28 years I have expanded
my knowledge through private instruction and specialist workshops.
My approach is straightf orward, exploring forms and using only
essential details in search of a simplicity that balances the
idiosyncrasies of nature with the clean rhythms of Modernism.

Current focus includes translating jewelry designs into sculpture
and exploring oil painting.

Maureen Banner
Banner Studio
Monterey, MA. USA

I am, and have been for 40 years, a full time studio artisan working
in sheet silver or gold making sculptural, primarily one of a kind,
pieces using forming techniques, and mounting original one of a kind
cloisonne enamel. I work with partner Michael Banner, an
extraordinary and energetic silversmith. See website. Together we do
hand made fabrication of a small production line of earrings and