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[Welcome] New Members for August 13, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Crystal J. Bortfeld
Phoenix, AZ. USA

Inspired soul seeking others of like mind

Sterling J VanDerwerker
Royal Diadem Jewelers
Greensboro, NC. USA

Husband, Father, Pastor, Jeweler, Certified Gemologist Appraiser
AGS, Graduate Gemologist GIA, CAD-CAM, Benchman, Designer, toilet

Nora M Kovach
Nora Kovach Designs
Larkspur, CA. USA

I am a recent graduate of the jewelry intensive program at Revere
Academy in San Francisco and am in the precess of setting up a
working studio.

Jackie Fiantaca
Asheville, NC. USA

I am an amateur metalsmith, primarily self taught with a focus on
jewelry making. I have a small shop set up in my garage with pretty
much all of the basic tools, including a jeweler’s bench, rolling
mill, two torches (one for acetylene, one uses propane), buffer,
flex shaft etc. My skills are fair though my ideas are usually far
better than I can produce but I love the craft and artistry of
metal. I learn best by watching others and exhanging ideas and
techniques with other artists.

Jennifer L Salice
JLNQ Jewels
Lakeland, Fl. USA

Well, I just began my own business and I happened upon this website
and am very excited! I am looking for any and all advice from
"seasoned veterans" so to speak. Thanks for maintaining a great site
and I look forward to connecting with everyone!

Kate Lorien
Sacramento, CA. USA

I retired in 2004. Since then I’ve been taking metalsmithing and
jewelry making classes at the local college and have discovered that
I love working with metal.

Shaun Provencher
Jamaica Plain, MA. USA

I am a self-taught stuiod jeweler in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Jan Barr
Plantation, FL. USA

I am a mid-level craftsman. Do a few items for sale every week.

Molly McCormick
Made for you by Molly Lu
Oriental, USA

I love making jewelry. I have worked with all types of media, but
focused my artistic energy into jewelry making after graduating from
college in 2003. I am in the process of turning a hobby into a
business, but more importanly trying to perfect my craft. My
inspiration comes from my world travels, as I love adventure and
experiencing the planet’s peoples and places. Jewelry is a facinating
medium, as from the beginning of time people have chosen to decorate
themselves with shiny and beautiful objects as a way of openly
projecting their personality or cultural affiliations. By making
jewelry, I find myself connected to all those that came before me,
and I enjoy helping my clients show the world their true colors.
Plus, its just plain fun!