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[Welcome] New Members for August 12, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Beverly Zimmer
Forge Hill Sculpture
Aiken, South Carolina. USA

Sculptor and jeweler for over 20 yrs., working in clay, bronze,
silver and gold. Sculpture work mostly consists of horses and other
animals. Jewelry designer for outside companies and private
collections since 1995, specializing in equine, African animals,
most other animals, nautical, floral, fantasy.

Katherine O Pond
KP Classics
Pflugerville, TX. USA

I have been an admirer of jewelry all my life. I began designing and
fulfilling my designs with beads in 2001. I also took as many
community college classes on pmc and silversmithing as I could. I am
still a beginner but LOVE it. I have started classes to be a
certified bench jeweler but finances have put a temporary stop to
that (out of district classes are expensive). I hope this site will
give me more encouragement and continue to address my thirst for
jewelry making.

Regina Medina
Artesanas Campesinas
Tecalpulco, Guerrero. Mexico

My parents and grandparents were handcr4aft jewelry creators and
producers in the home workshops of our beautiful village in the
mountains of Mexico.

Caryn Joy Bloomfield
Oldsmar, Florida. USA

Hello, I have been making jewelry of all sorts since I was a young
child. From simple stringing to beaded flowers and now mostly bead
woven jewelry and free form. I love all aspects of art and do take
part in many craft projects. Competing for recognition is not a
specialty of mine, but I do like to sha re ideas and images. Nature
plays a big role in what I feel and make. It is a very big part of
my life.

Thank you,
Caryn Joy Bloomfield
"A bead a day, keeps the doctor away"…and “so do the fish”.

Sarah E Madsen
Las Vegas, USA

Artist, Illustrator and Jeweller. Long time ago did a degree at
Central St Martins college of Art. Just beginning to get back into
Jewellery, now my 4 kids are alittle older:) Very interested in 18ct
and enamell type of work. Currently building collection in Silver.