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[Welcome] New Members for August 11, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Tory Pittarelli
Idaho Springs, CO. USA

My name is Tory Pittarelli and I have been making jewelry for a
couple of years now, however I’m just now getting into metal
smithing. I love making things with my hands, whether its painting,
sewing, jewelry making, etc. I started website called The Mischief
Collective at the beginning of 2014 and have been working to provide
a community for other creative and adventerous individuals.

William Robin O’loughlin
Los angeles, California. USA

i have been hand making jewelery for 55 years, mainly working in
platinum and 18ct yellow gold, i would like to do this for many more

Dede Porter
Weatogue, CT. USA

Hi, I am a bench jeweler, with 38 years of bench repair, stone
setting restoration, and laser welding experience. My passion is to
take the old and restore to what it once was. How lucky as jewelers,
are we, to be able to make the client happy, with what we do! Hope
you have a great day!

Stephanie J Ryder
Placida, Florida. USA

I design jewelry using Fine Silver Clay, Copper and Bronze Clay.

Barbara Duvall
Kalamazoo, MI. USA

Hello Everyone, I am new to all of this and hope to get your support
and help and guidance in all of this. I have opened up a website
called Day to Night Jewelry and would like to get traffic coming to
it. If I have overstepped here, let me know now. I started this site
in hopes of selling quality costume jewelry at affordable prices.
I’ve always chuckled at the term “costume” when referring to jewelry,
but when I read how it got that name, I was ok with it. Even though I
like jewelry and wearing it, since, to me, it’s the finishing touch
to what one is wearing, my true passion is animals. My intention is
to give back a portion of what the site brings in, in revenue to a
rescue that I have volunteered in for many years. I am hoping that
orchid will provide me with valuable that I need to
promote my site to others out there. Looking forward to great days